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This Website is an open appeal to doctors who recommend LifeOne to their patients and who have seen first hand the amazing benefits the product has to offer. Send in your clinical studies along with your Name, Address and Phone Number so that we may make this vital information available to those who need it.

The product has been in use for over ten years in the USA, Mexico and South America. We already have many studies sent in by doctors who treat AIDS and Cancer patients with LifeOne.

LifeOne is made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe. Also, it is not necessary to change any currently prescribed regimen, just add LifeOne and judge for yourself how effective the strongest immune enhancement product ever developed can be. Seeing the change in people who have been helped by LifeOne is like seeing a modern day miracle. Those of us who have witnessed such changes agree that the product’s inventor is worthy of the Nobel Prize.

Clinical tests have demonstrated a dramatic increase in the T-Cell count of AIDS patients who took LifeOne for 38 days. Some T-Cell counts have increased by as much as 1200 in that short period of time. Please read the studies for complete information. The studies and testimonials contained on this Website have been submitted by doctors who use and recommend the product as well as everyday people who use LifeOne. The data is intended for informational purposes only. The website owner, a long time user of LifeOne, does not sell this or any other products.

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LifeOne Plus Formula is the Advanced Immune Defense “AID” Formula and was developed for, and manufactured to enhance the body’s immune system. As such it is all natural products and IS NOT FDA APPROVED and IS NOT considered a treatment or medicine by law. If the immune system is functioning properly the chances of preventing, defeating, or repairing damage from illness is greatly improved. Should you decide to purchase LifeOne Plus Formula the Advanced Immune Defense liquid herbal supplement, please follow the suggested protocol for their use found on the label. We have some online stores shown to purchase from. Many more are available using a search. If you are suffering from serious illness we recommend you consult a licensed medical doctor.

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