Do natural health solutions really exist?

Yes. Nutritious foods, vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, algae and extracts from herbs, plants, flowers, roots, seeds, bushes, trees, fish, mussels and animals have all been proven to have healing properties. If natural health solutions exist for many modern diseases, why don’t the pharmaceutical companies produce them?

Pharmaceutical companies exist to make money. (As all companies do.) One company makes 90% of its profits from only 6 patented and skillfully marketed drugs. They cannot patent natural products, so there is no profit motive to provide these products.

Why don’t more doctors know about natural health solutions?

The medical profession and pharmaceutical companies work together very closely.
We physicians continue our learning by reading medical journals and attending meetings. These are almost always oriented towards pharmaceutical companies and their drugs. The end result is the average physician has almost no awareness of the curative potential of natural treatments. Why has there been, in some cases, a negative image regarding natural health solutions?

There’s no question there has been some exaggeration and hype by untrained people talking about these issues. However, that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of natural health solutions, when carefully chosen by skilled professionals. There seem to be so many natural health products out there, with all sorts of claims about them. It all seems pretty confusing to me. I have carefully chosen and screened the premier natural health products we recommend and explain how to take them.

They work and I tell you why they work. - Dr. James A. Howenstine, M.D.

Excerpts for the book: (PDF FORMAT)
LifeOne Therapy of AIDS patients
LifeOne Cancer Therapy

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Dear LifeOne:

I bought Dr. Jim's book and found it to be the most incredible book on natural health I've ever had. I would like to buy multiple copies (at least three) for my Christmas gift recipients, and was wondering what the postage or shipping rate would be for each book. Also, how long will the book be on sale?

Besides Amazon (where I bought my copy), I posted a rave review on Gather ( and had a number of people very interested in buying it. I think it would be an incredible transformation if we could get this book in the hands of every American, so are there any plans to have a kind of "money bomb" or maybe a telethon to make that happen? Or maybe even hooking up with someone like Suzanne Somers, it could expand the popularity and impact. Please thank Dr. Howenstine for creating and making this extraordinary book available and I hope he will be updating it and / or publishing more in the future. Thank you for your assistance and excellent work!

Brent J. Bielema


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